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Jagger Holly - DJ Free Europe CD Kepi Ghoulie - Songs for Jazz - The Li'l Depressed Boy  CD E.P. Kepi Ghoulie and The Accelerators Fun In The Dark CD Groovie Ghoulies - Freaks on Parade CD
Sugary-Sweet, Fun, Upbeat Punk Rock! Soundtrack to The Li'l Depressed Boy comic book The Accelerators with vocals by Kepi and back-ups by Dog Party! Released in 2001 on Stardumb Records
The Hum Hums - Back to Front CD Happy Wags CD PETS - Ready the Rifles Cassette (with download code) PETS - Pick Up Your Feet Cassette (with download code)
Happy Wags CD
Our Price: $5.00
GREAT Ramones-y/Beach Boys-y pop-punk from Japan Jesse Wagner from the Aggrolites releases a children's album! Fuzzed-out rock songs that use distortion and feedback as the weapons to kill your boredom. Cassette comes with download code. Fuzzed-out psychedelic noise-pop
Erotic Novels - There is No Language In Our Love CD The Art of Kepi Ghoulie - The Trading Card Collection Link 80/Subincision - "Rumble at the Tracks" split 7" The Rumblers - Hold on Tight CD
Great indie-pop-punk from New Jersey
Each sealed and numbered set (only 1500 sets made) Contains 1 complete 12-Card set plus 2 random premium cards. New, unplayed hard to find 7" AWESOMENESS
Of Montreal - Innocence Reaches cassette The Cry! / The Connection split 7" Darlington / 99ers split 7" Pansy Division - Undressed CD
Includes download card. Blue or Gold vinyl Their first full length!
Pansy Division - Deflowered CD Pansy Division - Wish I'd Taken Pictures CD Pansy Division - Absurd Pop Song Romance CD Pansy Division - Total Entertainment CD
Features "Groovy Underwear" and "James Bondage" Features "I Really Wanted You", "The Summer You Let Your Hair Grow Out" and "Dick of Death" Features "Bad Boyfriend" Their first album on Alternative Tentacles.