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Kepi Ghoulie/Kevin Seconds Split 7" White Vinyl The Art of Kepi Ghoulie - The Trading Card Collection Kepi and Friends - American Gothic CD Link 80/Subincision - "Rumble at the Tracks" split 7"
LAST COPY! Each sealed and numbered set (only 1500 sets made) Contains 1 complete 12-Card set plus 2 random premium cards. Limited Quantity Available! New, unplayed hard to find 7"
The Rumblers - Hold on Tight CD Pool Party - Teenage Weirdo 7" Of Montreal - Innocence Reaches cassette Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room - Party Adjacent cassette
AWESOMENESS Only 1 left! Includes download card. Smart, earnest, driving indie rock produced by Jeff Rosenstock
The Cry! / The Connection split 7" Darlington / 99ers split 7" Kepi Ghoulie Valentine 2015 Blue Vinyl 7" Kepi Ghoulie Valentine 2016 Blue Vinyl 7"
Blue or Gold vinyl With Kevin Preston from Prima Donna and Ian Fowles from Aquabats! Blue vinyl
Pansy Division - Undressed CD Pansy Division - Deflowered CD Pansy Division - Wish I'd Taken Pictures CD Pansy Division - Absurd Pop Song Romance CD
Their first full length! Features "Groovy Underwear" and "James Bondage" Features "I Really Wanted You", "The Summer You Let Your Hair Grow Out" and "Dick of Death" Features "Bad Boyfriend"
Pansy Division - Total Entertainment CD Erotic Novels - Debut CD What Are You Looking At? Compilation CD Miss Chain & The Broken Heels - The Dawn Vinyl LP
Their first album on Alternative Tentacles. Their AWESOME Debut CD! You need this!!! Switchblade Records CD featuring Teen Idols, The Rumblers, Link 80, The Halflings, The Beautys, The Grumpies, Tunnel Rats, The Boils, Sonic Dolls, The Phuzz and Buglite. rhythm’n’blues-psychedelic-country-sunshine pop-sixties influenced rock-n-roll!!!!